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Engagement Season is Here! What Should You Do Now?

Your partner popped the question, you said yes, and now you're engaged! Hooray! This is a huge moment, and also the first big step towards forever together. But what should you do now? These 6 steps will help get you on your way and set you up on a successful wedding planning process!

1. Spread the News

Tell people about it! Start with your family and then spread to your inner circle. Once you've told your VIP's, take to social media and share your exciting news with the world! No matter how tempting, do not jump straight to the social media/ mass-email. None of your family members and close friends want to be the last to know, or to find out through a Facebook status or twitter post. So set aside the time and make those personal calls first!

2. Get Your Ring Sized

Your stunning diamond is PERFECT! Except for the tiny bit of wiggle room (or maybe the slight pinch of your skin from the tight band around your finger). Getting your ring resized needs to be a priority. The last thing you want is to lose that beauty an hour after you get it because your hands were waving in excitement as you showed off your new bling. It usually takes a few hours, you could even get it done while you are calling all your VIPs and telling them the great news!

2. Get Insurance & A Ring Dish

The sentimental value of your ring is priceless, but in the event something does happen to it, you will want to be insured. This may not be romantic like the proposal, but it is totally necessary! Whether a stone gets loose or your ring falls down the garbage disposal, make sure it is protected. Some jewelers do provide insurance at the time of purchase, so check with your partner to see if your ring is already insured. If not, you'll want to get that done right away. If you are adding your ring to your home owner's or renter's policy, you may need an official appraisal. So call your insurance broker to see what paperwork is required.

Even with ring insurance, it is important to keep your ring in a safe place when it is not on your finger. I recommend getting a few of them to scatter around the house, so you always have somewhere safe to put your ring (in the kitchen (nowhere near the sink!, in the bathroom, or on your vanity table).

4. Set a Date -

Even If It's Not the Date

After everyone is done congratulating you and checking out your ring, their first question will be "When's the wedding?" Save yourself the headache and come up with a vague date idea, like "We're thinking about early 2019" or "We like the idea of a Fall wedding." People like to feel included. Aside from answering people's questions, you'll want to have a range of dates in mind for when you start looking for a wedding planner, touring venues, and interviewing major vendors. Don't forget to check with your VIPs to make sure they are available on those dates!

5. Talk Numbers

Before you can actually start the wedding planning process, it is essential to have two numbers in mind: your budget and the number of guests you are planning on having. Determining your budget will help you have a better of idea of how much you can spend on each part of your wedding. Determining the number of guests will also play a huge role in your budget and in which venues you look at. The higher the guest count, the more you will need to put aside in your budget for your venue, drinks, food, and stationary. Of course, if you find the right person under Step 6 then you may not have to worry about all of this on your own.

6. Hire a Wedding Planner

80% of the couples that come into our office don't realize all of the details that go into bringing their dream wedding to life. Things like negotiating with vendors, finding the ideal venue, and creating your design, may seem like things you can handle on your own. But sometimes, there is just so much other stuff going on in life, that you just don't have the time to worry about creating checklists and timelines, worrying about colors and patterns, and making sure everyone knows what to do and where to go.That's what a planner is for. Whether you want a day-of coordinator or a full-service planner is a personal decision. Regardless of which you choose, a planner is essential for ensuring a smooth flow during your wedding day and some of the big decisions that come before the big day. The insight that a planner will be able to give you is invaluable. A planner will take care of everything so you can "Eat, Drink, and Be Married."

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